COVID _ 19

Dear guests ,


 Elements Rooms and apartments has adopted new measures due to the pandemic Covid 19.
Apart from training our staff in issues concerning welcoming , cleaning and service we also consider important to inform you on these measures to ensure your safety and hygiene on our premises .
Our employees pay meticulous attention to cleaning all the areas of hospitality according to the protocol of cleaning, hygiene and disinfection.
The require regular training of the staff in issues of health, including a defined cleaning programme and disinfection in all areas, complying with keeping distances and positioning, evident applances of disinfectionin products such as hard cleansing gel, frequent disinfecting of busy areas and surfaces that are touched often, including hallways, stairs and the elevator.


According to the above outline, we have established new accommodation rules in order to comply with the hygiene protocol to ensure your well-being and comfort during your stay. These rules are:


  • We commend to our visitors to keep a distance of 2 meters when in line or in any area of service in our hotel (reception, bar. toilets)
  • The elevator can be used by one adult only per time. The use of stairs is highly recommended.
  • Use of hard cleansing gel when is placed in all exits and entrances.
  • Breakfast is no longer served in the dining room in order to avoid overcrowding. Alternatively you can order by nearby cafe without commitment.
  • We have formed a new hygiene and healthcare programme which includes:
    Changing of linen and cleaning of room after 3 overnight stays in agreement with the guest.


Thank you for understanding and patience in compliance with new reality and responding to the new measures taken. Your safety as wellas the safety of our staff is a priority. We hope to soon recover from the dangers of covid so as to avoid the above measures in the future.

Thank you for choosing to stay with us.

With respect , Elements rooms and apartments